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1 month to go!

by | Jan 19, 2021 | General

The final countdown has begun, we are now just 30 days from our first marathon. Uh oh!

Training over the past month or so had been going well for the most part. We managed to clock up some decent mileage and felt fairly good in the process. However, the past couple of weeks have thrown up a few problems. Firstly, whilst on a long training run where we were aiming to complete 18 miles, Ben pulled up at 16.5 with fairly severe glute/hamstring/calf pain. Unable to complete the last couple of miles, we stood like two teenagers by the side of the road for his Mum to pick us up! Fortunately it has settled down and Ben has been able to run, however the test of a longer run is still awaiting.

Then this week, after nailing a ParkRun PB and two decent paced 10k’s, I’ve been struck down by a mystery stomach bug that has knocked me for six and has been followed up with a full blown cold. No running for the next few days at least at a vital time in my training. I was hoping to get the final 20 miles big run done and hen taper off but I’ll have to put it back and hope things go ok. The only benefit has been shifting a couple of KGs in the process, which should help me on race day!

So, 30 days to go and still a lot of work to do. Not quite as confident at this particular moment as I was a week or so ago, but that’s all part of the journey.



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