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Al’s marathon journey…3 months to go

by | Jan 19, 2021 | General

It suddenly dawned on me this morning that I have 3 months until the Yorkshire Marathon thanks to a post to a post on their Facebook page.. S**t just got real! Since I ran the Baildon Boundary Way in April my focus has been on rehab for my ankle which has gone well. Fortunately I have been running but keeping the distance mostly between 5-10km. I posted a Parkrun PB this weekend, which I was happy with after a week on drinking and eating in Devon! The sub-20min goal is still proving elusive though.

You know that serious marathon training is starting when you are out at 7:30am on a Sunday morning whilst on holiday. Part of that was due to the high temperatures we’ve been experiencing the past few weeks, but it’s also nice to get out and have the run out of the way for the day. I didn’t realise quite how hilly it was in Devon, but it was a good test for my ankle and it felt good, so happy all round.

Consistency for the runnnimg is going to be key from now on in and I am following a Nike+ run club programme to help. It’s a good combination of track, interval and hill sessions along with the weekly long run and the variety will help to keep me interested and motivated.

Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages over the coming months for more regular updates on both mine and Ben’s progress.



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