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Al’s Marathon update – Baildon Boundary Way 2018

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Running


Since my last marathon blog post I have been plugging away with training for the Baildon Boundary Way. This isn’t your usual half-marathon, as you can see from the photo it is often muddy and always hilly! I have posted previously about the race and my aim to beat last years time of 1:53. I am pleased to say I managed to beat that, completing the course in 1 hour 50 mins. I was a bit gutted to miss out on sub 1:50 by about 10 seconds, which was my aim before the race but happy to pull out my best performance on my fourth attempt.

I did struggle on the hills this time around, an ankle injury I picked up a little while back (I missed a step whilst carrying Billy and managed to damage my syndesmosis a bit) left me with very little power from my left leg from a dorsi-flexed position. It doesn’t cause me any problems on flat and slight inclines, but left me with little more than a shock absorber on the steeper hills – and there were a few of those! Some strength, balance and power work to do over the next few months to get that one sorted.

After the race we did notice that a diversion that had been forced on the organisers meant another hill had been added to the course this time, much to our delight! The descent in this case was through a lot of mud and leaves, I managed to fall on my backside 3 times on the way down, hopefully nobody caught it on camera!

Ben didn’t run the race with me this year, following his shoulder surgery at Christmas he didn’t enough time to prepare. I usually manage to rope him in to these types of thing, but this time he has tried roping me in to the London-Paris bike ride he is doing, (fortunately) I am too busy to really have enough time to prepare for sitting on a saddle for such a long ride!

Attention for me over the next couple of months turns to ankle rehab and some strength improvements whilst keeping the running ticking along. I will be keeping some runs around the 10 mile mark but really focusing on my 5k and 10k times before I really start to ramp up the distances in preparation for the marathon in October.

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