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Ben’s Aims for 2018

by | Jan 19, 2021 | General

In the second of our series of blog posts, Clinical Director Ben Oliver tells us about his aims for 2018.

What are your aims for PLPR in 2018?

At PLPR we are delighted with the success of our first few months of business. We have built up a substantial client base and it has been a pleasure to assess, treat and rehab all of you! We are looking forward to continuing and developing over the coming year. In 2018, we aim to refurbish the clinic. We want to modernise the room and use some innovative designs to make the clinic an even more desirable place to receive treatment.

As Allan has already mentioned in the previous blog, Chloe will be introducing some post-natal classes which we are very excited about! We have already started to provide strength and conditioning sessions to the Colts at Sedgley Park rugby club, aiming to develop the players for the brutal demands of senior rugby. As of this year we have also begun to roll out sessions to the junior section at the club, introducing the youngsters to resistance training and rugby specific gym based conditioning. This aims to provide a pathway through to senior rugby!

What are you personal aims for the year?

Having recently had shoulder surgery, my short-term goal is to focus on my rehabilitation and practice what I preach! In October, I started my PhD, which has meant that I am doing less clinical work, with Chloe taking over the client base and doing a fantastic job. My focus will remain on this PhD for the foreseeable future and I will be continuing with my first team role at Sedgley Park rugby club. On an activity front, after persuading me to take part in the Baildon Boundary Way last year, Allan has persuaded me to take part in the Yorkshire marathon in October. This will be difficult from a time perspective; however, it has always been on my bucket list so there is no time like the present! With Georgina (my girlfriend) living in Hull and being a keen horse rider, it will give me the perfect motivation (and training partner in the Horse) to complete it!

Again, I would like to thank each and everyone of you that has been a part of our initial 6 months and we look forward to an exciting year ahead!



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