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London to Paris – For Destination Florida Children’s Charity

by | Jan 19, 2021 | General

So, my marathon preparation for October has been progressing well. As we all know, I am making it a habit to be easily coaxed into some form of mad activity. Usually the culprit is Allan Munro, however this time he is not responsible. Another one of my mates rang me during the week, and I quote, with “an idea that I’ve been thinking about for a while.”

So, it turns out that this idea was a bike ride from London to Paris, via Newhaven and the Avenue Verte. After short deliberation I agreed, and Dan then said, and again I quote, “oh by the way, it’s a 24-hour challenge”. Great.. the last time my backside sat on a bike was my final year of university on the way to placement.
The serious point of this blog, is that I now I have decided to do this for charity, and I am going to explain my rationale for this. Sometimes, raising money for charity for me personally is often a difficult concept, as it is hard to see where your money goes. Not in this case. My ex-supervisor at UCLan, Mandy Dunbar, has provided the perfect inspiration for this challenge, and it is about time that I showed my gratitude to her for her help with my career progression over the past few years.

Each year, Mandy, along with a huge number of other volunteers, dedicate eight days of their time (as a minimum) to an organisation called Destination Florida, a Mancunian based charity that takes children with life-threatening or severe medical conditions on a once in a lifetime trip to Florida to experience the fun and enjoyment of some of the world’s best attractions. What an opportunity for these children, but what people don’t realise is the enormous amount of effort that goes on behind the scenes to make this trip possible. Approximately 110 adults dedicate their time to deliver a mobile hospital, consisting of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, helpers and carers for the week-long trip.

These children, who in cases, have extremely limited mobility and require equipment to help them move, receive full time medical support, for a trip that enables them to forget the demands of everyday life and enjoy the kind of week away that we take for granted.
To assist with this cause, I have set up the following donations page. Before you consider whether or not to donate to the charity, I would implore you to read the following Destination Florida web page, and have a look around the website. You will then realise how amazing this organisation is and will be able to see exactly what you are contributing towards. I would like to thank you in advance for your support and let’s raise as much money as possible for these children.

Whilst you are considering whether or not to donate, you can all have a chuckle at the thought of me puffing, panting, sweating, cursing and complaining of a numb backside as I feel every bump along the course of the 24-hours. It will all be worth it for me, as I know the money raised it will all be for a fantastic cause! I will post regular updates, to keep everyone informed of my progress along the way, and will also video the trip!


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