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Marathon blog part 2

by | Jan 19, 2021 | General

It’s now been a month since my original marathon training blog so it’s time for an update. During that time I have managed to persuade Ben to join me! I’m not sure how enthusiastic he is about the idea at the moment but it will help with his return to activity following his shoulder operation.

The first month or so has been all about building a base fitness and getting my body used to running again after a prolonged break. I have focused on shorter runs (~5-10km) but with a decent tempo and getting my 5k time down. I managed a sub-21min Parkrun down in London a few weeks ago but would like to be sub-20 ideally.

One invaluable tool is a decent GPS and HRM watch to help track the intensity of runs and keep me in the right zone so I don’t tire too quickly. I’ve currently got a TomTom Multisport which certainly does the job but plan on upgrading to the TomTom Runner 3. The new watch can store music which will be invaluable when I start upping the mileage and I hate carrying my phone so it seems like a good option.

It’s now only 7 weeks until the Baildon Boundary Way half marathon. My aim is m to beat my time of 1:53 from last years event. I’m in similar shape at this point so I’ve got some work to do! It’s a very hilly finish to the race as you can see in the profile below, so along with increasing my mileage I will be doing plenty of hill runs.

So far there hasn’t been any sign of the Achilles trouble that I had in the second half of last year. I’ve been keeping up with regular strengthening and massage to try and keep it at bay. I am also foam rolling my calves and using a golf ball to roll out my plantar fascia on a regular basis. I am wary that I will be upping the mileage and hill work though so this will be even more valuable over the next 6 weeks or so. However. I’m confident that if I stick to my acute:chronic workload plan I’ll stay injury free.

6 weeks of hard work to come in prep for my first race of the year but I’m ready for it!



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