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Pre & Post-op and Fracture Rehabilitation

Our pre & post-op and fracture rehabilitation is key to optimal recovery from surgery and fractured bones.

Good pre-op rehabilitation has been proven to improve outcomes and recovery times from surgery. Whilst postop rehabilitation is paramount for returning to your everday life, hobbies and sporting activities.

If you are having shoulder, elbow, wrist, lower back, hip, knee or ankle surgery then we can help you. We have particularly experience and expertise dealing with ligament, meniscal and post surgical shoulder rehabilitation.

Following an initial assessment regarding your injury and surgery, we will work with your surgeon and their postop protocol to ensure that you are given the best care possible.


We have bespoke packages to cater to the individual needs of each surgery. Individual rehabilitation sessions are charged at £40 per session, discounts are available with our packaged services.

Please contact us for a bespoke package tailored to you, or book your initial assessment online.

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