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Sports Massage

Either in support of, or simply as an alternative approach to promote health and wellbeing, we specialise in Soft Tissue Therapy.

Massage promotes relaxation and recovery from work, sport and exercise. When used regularly it can help to
reduce injury risk and improve your performance.

Who and what

We provide expert treatment and advice to a wide variety of clients, including high-level sportspeople,
recreational athletes, occasional gym-goers and physically inactive, to new mums and the elderly generation.

What to expect

Sports Massage was not designed to be painful. The depth used by our therapists will reflect the aims of the treatment and your individual requirements working at the depth you require.

All initial massages will require a 60-minute booking in order for a short consultation and assessment to allow us to learn about you and any conditions which would influence how we deliver your massage.


If you are looking for a full body massage you will require a full hour with us. If you only require a leg or upper body massage then 30 minutes will be ample time.


for 1 hour


 for 30 minutes

Ready To Book?

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